What is chronic constipation

Constipation is a widespread problem, affecting millions of people around the world

Incidence of constipation:

Up to 24% of the general population is diagnosed with chronic constipation by a physician.2

80% of patients with neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease and 60% of people with spinalcord injuries suffer from chronic constipation.3

70% of people affected by chronic constipation who do not seek medical help 4

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The 3 key points to know if you suffer chronic constipation 5

Do you know the medical tests to diagnose constipation?

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700 euros
is the annual expenditure on laxatives of a patient with chronic constipation 6

83% of patients
who use laxatives for chronic constipation are very interested in finding better solutions 7

Adverse effects
Regular use of laxatives can cause adverse effects such as intestinal paralysis, cathartic colon, lazy bowels, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis …8

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Did you know that the abdominal massage is the best solution to constipation?

The abdominal massage is a scientifically proven treatment against constipation and lacks the adverse effects of laxatives and enemas. 9

The only drawback of the abdominal massage as a solution for constipation is the need to perform it daily, in sessions of 10 to 20 minutes, by specialized personnel. 10

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Developed in collaboration with the Institut Guttmann

Mowoot is a natural and non-invasive treatment inspired by the professional abdominal massage of therapists to solve constipation, Manel Ochoa, physiotherapist of Institut Guttmann.

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MOWOOT: proven effectiveness against constipation

100% of participants in a pilot study with MOWOOT reported an increase in the mean number of defecations per week, a significant improvement in stool consistency, and a marked reduction in evacuation time 11

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Do you go less than three times a week to the bathroom?
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Do you have slow intestinal transit?
Do you feel bloated?
Do you feel that you have not emptied your bowel completely when you go to the toilet?
Do you take antidepressants, tranquilizers or other similar medication?
Do you retain gas?
Have you been diagnosed with an anorectal problem?
Do you take more than 10 minutes to evacuate?
Do you need to stimulate the rectum to defecate?
(with fingers, suppositories or microenemas ...)

There isn’t a conclusive result. Call +34 935 106 653 and a specialist will take care of you.

You may suffer from anorectal dysfunction, we advise you to consult your doctor.

MOWOOT improves stool quality and stool frequency, but it is not the definitive solution for patients with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, anism or dysinergia).

Do you have any doubts? Call +34 935 106 653 and a specialist will take care of you.

MOWOOT improves stool quality and defecation frequency and will help you resolve these aspects of your problem, but you may still need rectal stimulation to defecate.

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MOWOOT abdominal stimulation is ideal to facilitate the evacuation of feces in patients like you, who suffer from slow intestinal transit. MOWOOT can improve your quality of life!

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