usMIMA firma un acuerdo de colaboración con Biocat y el Institut Guttmann

usMIMA signs a collaboration agreement with Biocat and Institut Guttmann

usMIMA, the team that developed the medical device MOWOOT, a non-drug and non-invasive solution to chronic constipation, signed a collaboration agreement with Biocat and Institut Guttmann.

MOWOOT was developed after being inspired by a two-month stay at the Neurorehabilitation Centre Institut Guttmann during Biocat’s flagship program Design Health Barcelona.

Ever since then the two institutions have been supporting the development of MOWOOT with professional advice and now this collaboration has been made official with the signing of a collaboration and support agreement with Institut Guttmann and Biocat.

Institut Guttmann is a benchmark hospital in Catalonia and a European reference for medical treatment and for comprehensive rehabilitation of persons with spinal injury, acquired brain damage or other disabilities of neurological origin. Its mission, as a highly specialised hospital, is constantly to provide the best specialist medical care and rehabilitation, in a comprehensive, sustained and personalised way, and at the highest possible human, scientific and technical level.

During this autumn a clinical study of MOWOOT is planned in collaboration with Institut Guttmann.

“In our collaboration with usMIMA, we accompanied them in the process of clinical immersion, product development and protection of the solution created through a patent. Also, Institut Guttmann provided MOWOOT’s therapy with a physiological basis, translating the essentials of a manual massage into a mathematical algorithm that can be reproduced by the machine” explains Dr. Eloy Opisso, Executive Coordinator of the Research and Innovation Office at the Institut Guttmann.
“It was many months of hard work”, recalls Opisso, “in which the teams of usMIMA and the Institut Guttmann worked together to turn an idea into a product in the marketplace.”

Biocat, the organization that coordinates and promotes the health and life sciences sector in Catalonia, is supporting MOWOOT with their strong national and international network. Biocat is a part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Health (EIT Health), one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide.

“usMIMA is an emblematic successful case because they have managed to bring a product, MOWOOT, to market in just two years, through applying an innovative and agile methodology, which improves the quality of life for patients with chronic constipation” says Dr. Albert Barbera, Director of Biocat.

“We are very happy and proud to have such important partners as Biocat and Institut Guttmann believing in our project” says Markus Wilhelms, CEO of usMIMA.