Testimonio de Paula Hilverda

How MOWOOT improved Paula’s quality of life

Paula already had bowel problems long before she was diagnosed with cancer which, fortunately, she has already overcome. Nevertheless, the treatment of this disease impairs the constipation she already suffered. She tried to sort it out with several drugs and abdominal exercises, but the results were not entirely satisfactory. Then, she discovered MOWOOT.

This is her story:

My name is Paula, I am 75 years old and I have been suffering from important constipation problems for a long time ago. Unfortunately, these troubles have been increased due to the cancer I have suffered at the base of the anal mucosa.

Although the chemo and radiotherapy sessions have really been hard, fortunately they have been effective, and according to the regular medical check-ups the doctors confirm that I am healed. Nevertheless, the side effects are still being tough. In fact, the 31 sessions of radiotherapy have burnt the treated area of the anal mucosa and I have been suffering pain in this zone due to fissures and its resulting aches.

For years, before the cancer, I have been taking products to solve the problem of constipation, and I have continued it after the cancer in combination with some abdominal exercises and lubricative creams on the affected area. The results have been, honestly, irregulars.

However, about a month ago, I discovered MOWOOT and its diary use has changed my life from almost the first day. I use it every day before getting up, around 8:00 in the morning, for 20 minutes and I think I get better results if I stay laying face up with straight legs. After a while, I usually fall asleep again, thanks to its relaxing effect. After having breakfast, I usually have to go to the toilet and with little effort I get to evacuate regular and not hard stools. Sometimes, I make some contractions that also help to activate the system.

I have gained psychological and calming effects that I think that wouldn’t have been possible without MOWOOT.

Paula is so satisfied that, during her last doctor visit, she explained all the improvements she had noticed using MOWOOT to her doctor specialized in the treatment of people with constipation.

The testimonial of Paula is an example of how MOWOOT can help people whose constipation is impaired due to medication and treatment of some illnesses like cancer.

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