Testimonio Eva Rodríguez Gombau

How MOWOOT improved Eva’s quality of life

Eva Rodríguez remembers having always suffered constipation. With MOWOOT, her life has changed: she hardly takes laxatives and she does not suffer from bloating anymore. In addition to going to the bathroom every day, she has the feeling of emptying her bowel completely.

As a teacher, she does not hesitate to share her discovery with the students. She thinks it is essential that people know this new solution to chronic constipation, a topic that she believes should stop being taboo. She has even thought about showing MOWOOT to her gastroenterologist in the next visit.

“I bought MOWOOT without thinking twice. I inquired, read up on it and I trust this product; and above all, the group of specialists and professionals behind it”

My life has changed since MOWOOT arrived, the delivery was quick, despite living abroad, and the result has been wonderful.

I’m using it every day when I wake up, usually at 6 am. I’m a teacher, so I put it on while I’m having breakfast and I organize the classes of the day. I usually spend 40 minutes with it at speed 4, then I go to the bathroom. Daily.

Constipation has been a problem all my life. I had a series of tests done and the only thing that they detected was that I have a bigger intestine than normal, but I do not know if that is the cause of my constipation.

After the tests and years of using laxatives without getting what I wanted, finally, thanks to Mowoot and a single tablet of a herbal product (compared to the 4 tablets of 2 different pharmaceutical laxatives + 1 microenema daily a few months ago), I do not only feel that I can go to the bathroom, but I have also solved the problem of the intestinal gases, and I really have the feeling of emptying my gut completely.

I am telling many people, but not everyone is as impulsive as I am when it comes to acquiring it. I’m also thinking about showing it to my gastroenterologist because I think it’s an optimal product to solve a problem that affects so many people. It seems important to me that all people suffering from constipation know about MOWOOT.

Eva’s testimony shows how MOWOOT can help people that have been suffering from chronic constipation for years without knowing the exact reason, even after having consulted with the doctor and having passed as many tests as she did.

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