María del Pilar MOWOOT

How MOWOOT improved the quality of life of María del Pilar

It’s been a year since María del Pilar González decided to buy MOWOOT because of her chronic constipation. She also had incontinence and all this affected her life. With MOWOOT she solved these problems. Recently she switched to MOWOOT II because it is lighter and easier to use.

I found out about MOWOOT thanks to the newspaper, I still have the article from El Mundo. I decided to buy it because I had had constipation for many years and it was a problem that had affected me a lot, I even had incontinence.

I have undergone 40 surgeries, including three umbilical hernias and I wear a mesh, and I had doubts if I could use it. The fact of being able to use it for two months with money-back-guarantee until I saw it was a good solution for my case, gave me a professional confidence.

As I lead a very sedentary life, it accentuates the problems of peristalsis and I think MOWOOT has solved it. If I stop using it one day, I notice it. You need to be consistent.

As a joke, I call it the “chastity belt”. For me it has been great, it has given me very good results and that´s very important. It is a great solution, because it is not chemical, but mechanical. Now I have replaced my first MOWOOT by MOWOOT II, which is lighter and this is an advantage for me because I had shoulder surgery.

I’m so happy I have found you. You are great professionals and MOWOOT is a great invention.

Pilar’s testimony shows how MOWOOT helps people that have been suffering from constipation for years and that have even developed incontinence. MOWOOT is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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