According to article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 de July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), you are informed that the owner of this website is:

USMIMA, S.L. (hereinafter, “USMIMA”, “MOWOOT” or “Seller”) 

N.I.F. B66400409 

Registered at the Commercial Register of Barcelona under Book 44.540, Document 139, Page 459.235, Inscription 1st.

Domicile: Avda. Cornellà, 140, 6-A, 08950, Esplugues de LLobregat (Barcelona – Spain)


Telephone: +34 93 510 66 53


«GCS»: these General Conditions of Sale.

«Seller»: usMIMA, S.L., with domicile at Ctra Cornellà, 142 3-4 – 08950 Esplugues del Llobregat and holder of tax identification number (NIF): A-63813489

«Client»: the individual, who is a final client of the product acquired, who has been properly registered using the registration form offered to this aim, has provided the minimum compulsory data required and has accepted the General Conditions of Sale. 

«Product»: is the device formed by a desktop and a belt (available in 4 different sizes) which is sold with related documents and services.

This website may contain information about medical issues and related with health. This information is not intended to replace any advice provided by your doctor or any other health professional. This information cannot be used to diagnose health problems or illnesses. Please consult always your doctor. 

General Conditions of Sale

These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter, “GCS”) regulate the purchase, through the website (hereinafter, “Web MOWOOT”), by Client of Products offered through this website.

These GCS are the sale conditions applicable to such purchase, and replace any other general conditions, unless in case of previous, written an express annulment. 

Seller may modify the clauses included in its GCS. Therefore it is advisable to read them each time you enter in the Web MOWOOT. Such modification will be applicable from the date of its publication in the Web MOWOOT and cannot be applied to contracts accepted before the date of publication. Each acquisition through the Web MOWOOT is subject to the GCS applicable on the date the order of purchase is made by Client. By passing an order, Client is deemed to accept expressly the GCS without any reserve. By using Web MOWOOT, you commit yourself to respect the CGC and the rules of use indicated in the same.

In order to be able to buy through the Web MOWOOT it is necessary that Client registers or has been registered as User and accepts the General Conditions of Sale.

In any event, Client shall use the Web MOWOOT and its contents and/or services diligently and according to these GCS, the Legal Notice and the Law. Client shall refrain from using the Web MOWOOT and its services for illegal aims or effects, contrary to what is foreseen in theses GCS, in a way which could be harmful for third parties, or in whatever form that could harm, make unusable, surcharge or deteriorate the Web MOWOOT or prevent its normal use and enjoyment and the normal use and enjoyment of its products and services by third parties. 

MOWOOT reserves the right to refuse or remove access to the Web MOWOOT and/or the Products and services included in it, at any moment and without prior notice, to any Client who breach the rules of these GCS, and namely what is set forth in former paragraph. 

Client shall refrain from obtaining or trying to obtain information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound or image files, pictures, recording, software or any other material available through the Web MOWOOT using methods or procedures different from those which have been made available to this aim or which have been indicated through the Web MOWOOT.

The inclusion of contents of the Web MOWOOT in other web sites, or in other media or storage medium is not permitted. Client may not reproduce, distribute, disclose or transform the contents of the Web MOWOOT, either free of charge or with economic consideration, and in whatever form or medium, without prior and express authorization from MOWOOT.

The language of this contract is English.

Price and methods of payment

The Products offered through the Web MOWOOT are showed with a final Price. The prices showed in the Web MOWOOT are applicable only to the Products offered through this web site and as long as they are published. The price of the Products are always in euros and are inclusive of VAT, and any other tax, if any, applicable and in force when the Product is sold.

The prices showed include transport and delivery costs and expenses within the Spanish peninsular territory. Delivery expenses out of the Spanish peninsular territory or out of Spain shall be borne by Client.

MOWOOT reserves expressly the right to modify the Price of the Products at any moment, without need of prior notice. However, in any event, the prices in force and indicated in the Web MOWOOT when the acquisition is made shall be the applicable ones. 

Payment of Price of Products can be done in any of the following means of payment: 

  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard
  • Bank tranfer
  • Split payment with Sequra (3, 6 or 12 months). 

Transport and delivery conditions

The Products acquired by Client through the Web MOWOOT will be delivered at the address indicated in the corresponding purchase form which has been made available during the acquisition procedure. 

Delivery is available within the Spanish territory and also outside Spain. 

Products shall be delivered within a period of 2-5 business days within the Spanish territory and within the terms established by carrier indicated by Seller in case of delivery outside Spain, to be counted from the date of the purchase form is send, unless Force Majeure. 

Legal Guarantee

Pursuant to Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, all products sold through the Web MOWOOT are covered by a legal guarantee according to the documents delivered together with the products for a term of two years to be counted from the date of delivery. 

The legal guarantee of conformity entails that the Products meet the following conditions:

  1. They meet the description made by Seller and have the Product qualities described in the Web MOWOOT and the documents delivered together with the Products.
  2. Meet the quality and characteristics usual for products of the same type and that you may reasonably expect, bearing in mind the nature of the Products. 

The Products have been designed to be used both individually or for professional purpose. Defects and damages caused due to an unappropriated use of the Products not in conformity with the specifications of the same or the indications or instructions of use set forth in the documents delivered together with the Products are not covered by the legal guarantee.

Deficiencies caused by negligence, blows, inappropriate use or manipulation, lack of suitable voltage and materials wear down due to normal use are not included in the legal guarantee.

In case of incidence which justifies the use of the legal guarantee, it is possible to opt between reparation, replacement of the Product, rebate or devolution, as applicable. If the Product is defective, Client may opt between repair or replacement, and Seller will respect this option unless it is disproportionate, for instance in the event that the Client’s option entails Seller expenses, which compared to another option are unreasonable, taking into account the following aspects:

  • The Price of the Product if it was in conformity, that it means if it hadn’t defects;
  • The significance of the defect, and
  • The inconvenient to be borne by Client if it had opted for another solution.

Repair and replacement are governed by the following rules:

  1. Gratuity: Expenses of any kind shall not be charged on Client in case of repair or substitution of the Product for lack of conformity (transport, spare parts labor costs, and other associated costs shall be borne by Seller).
  2. However, if during the 60-day trial period offered by Seller to Client, Client decides to return the Product because Client does not obtain the expected results, Client will be charged an amount of 50 euros.
  3. Reasonable term: they shall be solved within a reasonable period of time and without inconvenience for Client, taking into account the nature of the Product.
  4. Suspension of the calculation of the guarantee period: While the reparation takes place, the calculation of the period of guarantee is put on hold, from the date Client puts the Product at the disposal of Seller until the repaired Product if given to Client back.
  5. Replacement: In the event of replacement of the Product, a new period of guarantee of 2 years is not initiated for the new Product. From the date the option is exercised by Client until the delivery of the new Product, the period of guarantee of the replaced Product is put on hold. When the new Product is delivered to Client, the calculation of the pending period of guarantee of the replaced Product is resumed. Taking into account the nature of the Product and the features of the defect, that the defects appearing during the first six months after the delivery of the Product already existed when the Product was delivered will be presumed, unless the contrary is proved.  
  6. Discount or termination: If the repaired Product continues being defective, Client may opt between (i) the replacement of the Product, (ii) a discount of the Price or (iii) the termination of the contract.
  7. Second hand goods: Client may not require the replacement of the second hand Products.

The rights to obtain a discount or to terminate the contract (which entails the devolution of the Products and the reimbursement of the paid price) will apply, at the Client’s choice, when Client cannot opt for the repair or replacement of the Products or when these options haven’t taken place within a reasonable period or without inconveniences for Client. For instance, if once the Product is repaired and delivered to Client, it is still defective. Likewise, if in case of replacement a Product in conformity with specifications is not offered to Client, Client will be entitled to opt between a discount, the termination of the contract or the repair of the Product.

Client shall inform MOWOOT about the defect or the lack of conformity of the Product acquired within a maximum term of two (2) months from the date Client detected it. Nonetheless the period to claim the lack of conformity of a product during the guarantee period lasts three (3) years from the date of delivery.

According to Decree 121/2013, of February 26, MOWOOT puts at the disposal of Client the Official Complain Form at the following link: Complain Form. At such link you can download a pdf file with instructions in Spanish, Catalan and English. 

MOWOOT will answer the claims received as son as posible and in any event no later than one (1) month from the date of the claim filing. Is you do not receive a satisfactory answer within such period of one (1) month, you can file a claim before the public consumer service in your town (Municipal Consumer Information Office), the County Consumer Information Office or the Catalan Consumer Agency.

Right of withdrawal and return

Client has the right to withdraw the purchase within fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery of the Product. 

The right of withdrawal may be exercised by contacting the client attention service of MOWOOT at the e-mail address, where the steps to be taken are indicated, or by sending to this address the withdrawal form.

Cancellation by Client entails the reimbursement of the price paid for the Products purchased which will be made through the same means payment used for the initial transaction. The costs of returning the Products will be borne by Client and will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. 

In case of cancellation, Client shall return the Product without delay and in any event no later than fourteen (14) calendar days to be counted from the date Client notified its renounce to the purchase. 

The reimbursement of the paid price will be done within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the cancellation to the purchase have been unequivocally notified to MOWOOT provided however that the Products have been previously received. By contrast, the amount to be reimbursed can be withheld until the Products have been received back or until Client provides evidence that the Products have been sent back.

In any event, to be entitled to withdrawal, it is necessary that the Products will be returned intact in all their parts and in their original packaging together with the corresponding bill. If Products are returned without the original packaging or with defects, the amount to be refunded to Client will be reduced accordingly.  Before returning the Product Client shall ensure that the Product is duly protected and packed in order to avoid damages during transportation. 

In addition to the right of withdrawal provided in this section, Seller offers the Customer a period of 60 calendar days to test the Product. If during this period the Customer does not notice improvement, it may return the Product to Seller*, who will refund the price by deducting an amount of 50 euros.
(*) only for orders made directly via our website and for Spain

Registration requirements

The account of registration is personal and non-transferable. Only individuals who acquire the Product for their personal needs can be registered as Clients. Individuals or legal persons who intend to purchase the Product for further commercialization in other selling channels cannot be registered as Clients.


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Access to the web 

Seller shall not be responsible in front of Client of the disclosure of Client’s data to third parties which is not directly attributable to MOWOOT, neither for the use of such data by third parties.

Force majeure

For the purposes of these GCS force majeure is to be understood , without limitation, as (i) any non-culpable event non foreseeable or that being foreseeable could not be prevented, (ii) error affecting access to the Web MOWOOT; (iii) lack of electrical or telephone supplies; (iv) damages produced by third parties or attacks to the server of MOWOOT which affect the quality of services provided and which are not directly attributable to  MOWOOT; (v) storage and transmission errors and other errors of the Web MOWOOT; (vi) fire; (vii) floats and earthquake; (viii) strikes and labor conflicts and other social disorders that prevent the delivery of the Product and consequently the fulfilment of the obligations undertaken by MOWOOT; (ix) lack or shortage of electricity; (x) accidents; (xi) war and disturbances; (xii) commercial or any other type of embargo; or (xiii) the application of laws or regulation which prevent the sale or delivery of the Product. Administrative or management errors shall not be considered as force majeure.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Spanish law in force. The parties will submit any conflict regarding the execution or interpretation arising from the same to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of where the Client has his/her domicile.

By acceding or registering into the la Web MOWOOT the Client accepts the General Conditions of Sale and the content of the Legal Notice and it undertakes to respect them.  

Technical requirements

The Web MOWOOT Works appropriately if Client uses the following browsers, regardless of whichever is the operating system:

  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Mozilla firefox  50+
  • Google Chrome 50+
  • Safari 9+