MOWOOT earns First-Ever ‘FDA Breakthrough Device Designation’ for a Novel Non-Drug and Non-Invasive Therapy of Neurogenic Bowel Disorder

Breakthrough status for Intermittent Colonic Exo-peristalsis™ therapy will help provide timely access to this novel treatment for patients and providers in the US market   The medical device company USMIMA S.L. (brand name MOWOOT), with headquarter in Barcelona (Spain), announced today that its first product “MOWOOT II Intestinal Transit Management System” has been granted the … Continued

Effectiveness, Safety and Patient Compliance of the MOWOOT system in Patients with Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction

Results of the MOWOOT multicenter study MOW-01-2017 The prevalence of constipation ranges from approximately 1% to as much as 25% of the general adult population.  However, bowel dysfunction occurs in most people with neurological disorders. The common causes of Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction (NBD) include spinal cord injury (SCI), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), spina bifida, myelomeningocele (MMC), multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson disease (PD), stroke, and diabetes … Continued


The multicenter clinical trial with 92 patients that confirms the safety and effectiveness of the medical device MOWOOT to treat  patients with constipation of different origin has been recently published in the prestigious journal ‘Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology’ ‘ with the title “Safety and Efficacy of Intermittent Colonic Exoperistalsis device to treat Chronic Constipation”. The … Continued

Presentation of the exo-peristaltic therapy with Mowoot effectiveness at the IV International Congress of Physiotherapy in Pelvi-Perineology in Barcelona

Cecilia Jané, nurse of the ‘Servei de Medicina i Rehabilitació’ of Althaia (Xarxa assistèncial Universitària de Manresa) participated in the IV International Congress of Physiotherapy in Pelvi-perineology (SEFIP) , held in Barcelona from October 24 to 26, to present the preliminary results of the study on the efficacy of MOWOOT, the non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution to treat chronic constipation. The study, still ongoing, is the result of a … Continued

usMIMA firma un acuerdo de colaboración con Biocat y el Institut Guttmann

usMIMA signs a collaboration agreement with Biocat and Institut Guttmann

usMIMA, the team that developed the medical device MOWOOT, a non-drug and non-invasive solution to chronic constipation, signed a collaboration agreement with Biocat and Institut Guttmann. MOWOOT was developed after being inspired by a two-month stay at the Neurorehabilitation Centre Institut Guttmann during Biocat’s flagship program Design Health Barcelona. Ever since then the two institutions … Continued

usMIMA, certificada según los estándares ISO 13485 internacionales

usMIMA certified according to international standards of ISO 13485

After several months of work, preparation and dedication, usMIMA S.L., the company that developed MOWOOT, the non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution for constipation, has passed the certification audits for Quality Management Systems according to ISO 13485. This milestone adds to the recent achievement of CE certification as a class IIa medical device for MOWOOT, obtained last … Continued

MOWOOT, el cinturón de masaje abdominal para el estreñimiento crónico, obtiene la certificación CE como dispositivo médico

MOWOOT gets CE certification as a class IIa medical device

Since last August, MOWOOT, the non-invasive, non-pharmacological solution to constipation without adverse effects, has CE certification as a Class IIa medical device. The CE marking guarantees that the equipment marketed complies with the essential requirements of the mandatory legislation. These requirements include tests for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and usability, among other factors. The prestigious … Continued

Equipo usMIMA, desarrolladores de MOWOOT, el cinturón de masaje abdominal para el estreñimiento crónico

How was MOWOOT, the non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive and side effect free solution for chronic constipation developed?

The MOWOOT medical device – a non drug, non invasive solution for chronic constipation – was created by the usMIMA startup which was originated in the Moebio’s dHEALTH BCN program, a disruptive initiative for talent development driven by Biocat and inspired by Stanford Biodesign. The usMIMA project MOWOOT, winner of the Bio-Entrepreneur XXI 2014 Award, … Continued