“I use MOWOOT daily and the benefit is a sure thing!”

Cisco suffered from chronic constipation due to the medication.

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Testimonials from our customers

Want to see how MOWOOT changes your life?

Maria Rosa

Constipation due to multiple sclerosis

In two weeks, MOWOOT started to work without laxatives, the bloating went down and it made me stronger on my legs


Constipation due to multiple sclerosis

My quality of life has improved thanks to MOWOOT. It works fantastic!


Chronic idiopathic constipation

Ever since I am using MOWOOT my problem is solved. Now I go to the toilet every day!


Constipation because of medication

I use MOWOOT daily and the benefit is a sure thing!


Constipation due to spinal cord injury

I tried MOWOOT and it really works for me! Now I always go to the bathroom with success

Blog testimonials from our customers

Want to read how MOWOOT changes your life?

María del Pilar MOWOOT

How MOWOOT improved the quality of life of María del Pilar

24 January, 2019

It’s been a year since María del Pilar González decided to buy MOWOOT because of her chronic ...

How MOWOOT improved the quality of life of Rosa and Carles

24 January, 2019

Carles Soler’s wife, Rosa, suffered a stroke 10 years ago and was left with paraplegia. The physiotherapists of Institut Guttmann ...

Testimonio de Paula Hilverda

How MOWOOT improved Paula’s quality of life

14 January, 2019

Paula already had bowel problems long before she was diagnosed with cancer which, fortunately, she has already overcome. Nevertheless, the ...

Testimonio Eva Rodríguez Gombau

How MOWOOT improved Eva’s quality of life

26 June, 2018

Eva Rodríguez remembers having always suffered constipation. With MOWOOT, her life has changed: she hardly takes laxatives and she ...

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Say goodbye to chronic constipation with a natural non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution

Why are we the solution to constipation you were looking for?

Medical device

MOWOOT has been developed by a team of scientists, engineers and doctors with the collaboration of physicians and physiotherapists at the neurological rehabilitation center Institut Guttmann.


MOWOOT stimulates the colon to facilitate the intestinal transit. This natural and non-invasive solution to solve chronic constipation even improves its effectiveness over time.


The efficacy of MOWOOT has been demonstrated with clinical trials: all participants reported improvement in their bowel health and increased frequency of bowel movements.


MOWOOT is certified by the European Union as a class IIa medical device, which requires special controls to be established at the manufacturing stage to demonstrate safety and effectiveness.

With return guarantee

We are so sure of the efficiency of MOWOOT that we offer you the possibility to test it for two months. If you use it every day and do not notice improvement, we will refund the money* (except 50 € for management fees).
*offer only applies for purchases made in Spain directly via our website

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    Collaborations and recognitions

    MOWOOT has been developed with the collaboration of Institut Guttmann, a reference hospital in Europe in the field of neurorehabilitation, its effectiveness has been clinically proven and has received numerous awards and recognitions.

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