During these months of confinement, and in the coming weeks when some measures will be lift, the first and foremost recommendation that the medical institutions and authorities have repeatedly advised is to stay home. Not going outside prevents us from being in contact with the Covid-19 virus and therefore from infecting ourselves. This takes special relevance in the case of people at higher risk: the elderly and people with chronic illnesses or chronic symptoms.
It is important to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible and even going to the pharmacy it is not recommended. Today, there are many people who, for health reasons, follow treatments that force them to go regularly to their health center or apothecary. And again, these people belong to the group of people at risk.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, many persons have begun to suffer constipation problems or have seen how this problem has worsened. The lack of movement and exercise, a less varied diet and, probably, the situation of stress and concern that entails being locked up 24 hours a day without knowing how long this situation will last, do not favor our general health and more specifically our intestinal health.

How can we avoid or improve this annoying problem without leaving home? Many of our customers already know it. Mowoot offers a natural and easy-to-use solution whose therapy that emulates the abdominal manual massage, can be self-administered every day at home.

#stayhome and take care of your health with Mowoot

And, as important as staying at home, we have to take special attention to the hygiene. Mowoot requires very little maintenance and cleaning. When it is used over a T-shirt or pajamas, daily cleaning is not necessary, however, at this time when special hygiene measures must be taken, we recommend to clean it more regularly, especially if the handling and placement of the device is carried out by a third person. To disinfect Mowoot (both the desktop device and the belt) only Ethanol 70% (cleaning solution) and a cloth are needed.
Ethanol 70% can be purchased directly from pharmacies, but again, to avoid going out, the cleaning solution can also be prepared at home with alcohol 96%. What will you need and how to do it?
Material needed for the preparation of ethanol 70%:
– 1 graduated measuring container (for example, those that come with the mixer)
– 1 1L container (to mix and store the cleaning solution)
– alcohol 96% (the one that is usually sold in pharmacies and we have in the our first aid kit)
– Distilled water (normal water can be used if we do not have distilled)
Preparation of 1L of cleaning solution: Mix 729 ml of Alcohol 96% with 271 ml of distilled water.
Alternative: If you do not have a measuring glass you can use a table glass of water -, 250ml- . You just need to mix 1 glass of water for every 3 glasses of alcohol 96%.
Once you have the disinfectant solution ready, moisten a cloth and proceed to clean the surfaces of the device and belt. It is important that none of the parts get wet or damp.

Credits: Many thanks to our users, M. Diez Herrero, Desideria Martinez and Alba Rodríguez for sharing their ‘Mowoot’ moment during confinement.