Francisco, usuario de MOWOOT, el cinturón de masaje abdominal para el estreñimiento crónico

How MOWOOT improved the quality of life of Francisco

Francisco Javier Zuasti suffered a work accident 9 years ago that left him quadriplegic. Now, at 35, he is well known in the world of adapted sports. Among other disciplines, he practices handbike and adapted table tennis.

In addition, he manages Todo Disca, a place where specialized information is available to disabled people, and actively defends the rights of persons with disabilities and the accessibility of public spaces.

Francisco has had to deal with different situations that affected his quality of life, one of them chronic constipation. After using MOWOOT for several months, he explains his experience:

“One of the biggest impacts to my quality of life was the difficulty of going to the bathroom. Many wheelchair patients like me suffer from chronic constipation and difficulties to evacuate.

When I saw MOWOOT the first time on the Internet I thought, ‘If this works only half as good as they say, it’s worth the money.’ I contacted the company and got a device. And it’s true: MOWOOT works!

After four or five days of using it I noticed that I was losing the bloat of my belly because MOWOOT helped me to eliminate abdominal gas. Being quadriplegic, noticing the positive effect on the evacuation took me about 18-20 days. The quality of my stool has improved and I get a quick evacuation every day with only 15-20 minutes in the toilet.

I use MOWOOT since September, having tried a rest period to see the effect on the intestines. The surprising thing has been that MOWOOT has managed to stimulate the intestines autonomously, without using it, after using it during all this time. Somehow like when they taught me to stimulate my bladder to urinate without probing. It seems that I have stimulated the intestine with the use of MOWOOT to make it work again. And it’s still working! Now I have the intestinal function programmed naturally, it is stimulated autonomously.

My quality of life has improved with MOWOOT, I have less fear or problems when traveling and having “to do it” outside my environment, as the way I go to the bathroom has changed.

I handle the evacuation function very well now, thanks to MOWOOT!”

Francisco’s testimony is an example of how MOWOOT can help people with spinal cord injuries and reduced mobility, that have a serious problem with constipation. With MOWOOT, Francisco has managed to regulate his intestinal transit and end the symptoms of constipation.

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