How MOWOOT improved the quality of life of Rosa and Carles

Carles Soler’s wife, Rosa, suffered a stroke 10 years ago and was left with paraplegia. The physiotherapists of Institut Guttmann who treated Rosa explained the benefits of abdominal massage to prevent the chronic constipation Rosa suffered due to her paraplegia. Since then, Carles gave this manual massage to Rosa. Through Institut Guttmann he learned that … Continued

Testimonio de Paula Hilverda

How MOWOOT improved Paula’s quality of life

Paula already had bowel problems long before she was diagnosed with cancer which, fortunately, she has already overcome. Nevertheless, the treatment of this disease impairs the constipation she already suffered. She tried to sort it out with several drugs and abdominal exercises, but the results were not entirely satisfactory. Then, she discovered MOWOOT. This is … Continued

comida navidad

Christmas and chronic constipation, tips to enjoy without worry

Christmas is just around the corner and the frantic pace of shopping, festivities and overeating is going to begin. If you suffer from chronic constipation, we are sure you are already thinking about what is coming: a difficult period to regulate your intestinal transit, and you’re wondering how to combat constipation at Christmas time. So, to help you enjoy this festivity as it deserves, here are some useful tips to … Continued

Silla de ruedas, disfunción intestinal neurogénica

What is a neurogenic bowel and how to deal with it?

Most people do not know how chronic constipation affects the life of people with spinal cord injury. They are not aware of these other effects of the spinal cord injury. But if the legs don’t move, neither do the intestines. 60% of people with spinal cord injury suffer from chronic constipation and this problem seriously … Continued

Estreñimiento por medicamentos: alternativas a los laxantes

Opiod induced constipation: when your medicine causes side effects

Constipation due to medication is more common than you think and, those who suffer from it know how difficult it is to solve. We describe the causes and solutions to face this problem, including a new non-pharmacological solution. Let’s take a look! Among the medications that cause constipation, there are drugs for pain, depression, drugs … Continued