Silla de ruedas, disfunción intestinal neurogénica

What is a neurogenic bowel and how to deal with it?

Most people do not know how chronic constipation affects the life of people with spinal cord injury. They are not aware of these other effects of the spinal cord injury. But if the legs don’t move, neither do the intestines. 60% of people with spinal cord injury suffer from chronic constipation and this problem seriously … Continued

Estreñimiento por medicamentos: alternativas a los laxantes

Opiod induced constipation: when your medicine causes side effects

Constipation due to medication is more common than you think and, those who suffer from it know how difficult it is to solve. We describe the causes and solutions to face this problem, including a new non-pharmacological solution. Let’s take a look! Among the medications that cause constipation, there are drugs for pain, depression, drugs … Continued

Testimonio Eva Rodríguez Gombau

How MOWOOT improved Eva’s quality of life

Eva Rodríguez remembers having always suffered constipation. With MOWOOT, her life has changed: she hardly takes laxatives and she does not suffer from bloating anymore. In addition to going to the bathroom every day, she has the feeling of emptying her bowel completely. As a teacher, she does not hesitate to share her discovery with the … Continued

MOWOOT team EIT Health Catapult awards

MOWOOT receives triple recognition at EIT Health Catapult

MOWOOT non-pharma & non-invasive solution to chronic constipation has won the Audience Award in the Medtech category, the overall Audience Award as the company with the most votes of all 3 categories and also got the 2nd place of the Jury awards in the Medtech category of the EIT Health Catapult at EIT Health Summit. … Continued