During these months of confinement, and in the coming weeks when some measures will be lift, the first and foremost recommendation that the medical institutions and authorities have repeatedly advised is to stay home. Not going outside prevents us from being in contact with the Covid-19 virus and therefore from infecting ourselves. This takes special … Continued

Presentation of the exo-peristaltic therapy with Mowoot effectiveness at the IV International Congress of Physiotherapy in Pelvi-Perineology in Barcelona

Cecilia Jané, nurse of the ‘Servei de Medicina i Rehabilitació’ of Althaia (Xarxa assistèncial Universitària de Manresa) participated in the IV International Congress of Physiotherapy in Pelvi-perineology (SEFIP) , held in Barcelona from October 24 to 26, to present the preliminary results of the study on the efficacy of MOWOOT, the non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution to treat chronic constipation. The study, still ongoing, is the result of a … Continued

How MOWOOT improved the quality of life of Rosa and Carles

Carles Soler’s wife, Rosa, suffered a stroke 10 years ago and was left with paraplegia. The physiotherapists of Institut Guttmann who treated Rosa explained the benefits of abdominal massage to prevent the chronic constipation Rosa suffered due to her paraplegia. Since then, Carles gave this manual massage to Rosa. Through Institut Guttmann he learned that … Continued

Testimonio de Paula Hilverda

How MOWOOT improved Paula’s quality of life

Paula already had bowel problems long before she was diagnosed with cancer which, fortunately, she has already overcome. Nevertheless, the treatment of this disease impairs the constipation she already suffered. She tried to sort it out with several drugs and abdominal exercises, but the results were not entirely satisfactory. Then, she discovered MOWOOT. This is … Continued

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