The medical device MOWOOT has been developed and tested by the healthtech startup usMIMA biotech in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists of the neuro-rehabilitation center Institut Guttmann.

Through hundreds of interviews with patients at Institut Guttman, the usMIMA team verified the enormous impact that chronic constipation has on the quality of life of people with spinal cord injuries. usMIMA investigated for months to develop a solution that would avoid the use of laxatives or reduce it to a minimum until they found the key: a medical device that reproduces very precisely the abdominal massages that the therapists of the Institut Guttmann administer to their patients to relieve the chronic constipation.

Dr. Eloy Opisso, executive coordinator of Institut Guttmann’s Office of Research and Innovation, explains how MOWOOT was developed.

The founders of usMIMA met in Moebio’s dHEALTH BCN program, a disruptive talent development initiative powered by Biocat and inspired by Stanford Biodesign.

The usMIMA team has developed MOWOOT to improve the quality of life of those affected by constipation. And both, to ensure MOWOOT’s success and to complete the information already available in their clinical trials, they are personally assisting you with advise to resolve your doubts about the product.

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Collaborations and recognitions

MOWOOT has been developed with the collaboration of Institut Guttmann, a reference hospital in Europe in the field of neurorehabilitation, and has received numerous awards and recognitions.

In collaboration with:

Quality certification issued by:

With the support of:


MOWOOT and usMIMA have received multiple awards, certifications and acknowledgments that support the effectiveness of this solution for chronic constipation:


First Prize BioEmprendedorXXI, promoted by La Caixa, BarcelonaActiva, Barcelona City Council and Biocat


First Prize Everis Award, section “Biotechnology and Health”, promoted by Everis Foundation and Everis Group


Recognition as one of the "TOP 10 innovative startups with social impact in Spain" by TEDx Binnenhof / European Commission and ENISA


Quality label "Innovative SME" of MINECO (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) (December 2015)


European Commission / Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence


CE certification as a class IIa medical device, subject to special controls to demonstrate its safety and effectiveness. This certification guarantees that MOWOOT complies with the quality standards of the European Union
Onda Cero

MOWOOT, solution to chronic constipation

19 November, 2018

Robert Calvo interviews (min. 45.20) Dr. Immaculada Herrero, CSO of MOWOOT, at the radio show La Brúixola, Onda Cero Catalunya (...

MOWOOT, el cinturón de masaje abdominal para el estreñimiento crónico en La Vanguardia

MOWOOT at La Vanguardia eHealth monograph

14 November, 2018

MOWOOT appears in special monograph of the newspaper La Vanguardia: “Smart solutions that impact health”.

Onda Cero

MOWOOT at La Brúixola, Onda Cero Catalunya

17 October, 2018

Robert Calvo interviews (min. 36.46) Dr. Immaculada Herrero, CSO of MOWOOT, at the radio show La Brúixola, Onda Cero Catalunya (...

Onda Cero

MOWOOT at Fem l’Agost, Onda Cero Catalunya

8 August, 2018

Toni Marín interviews Dr. Markus Wilhelms, CEO of MOWOOT, at the radio show Fem l’Agost, Onda Cero Catalunya (...

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The usMIMA team

Markus Wilhelms

Markus Wilhelms

CEO and co-founder.

Doctor in Molecular Microbiology.
More than 10 years of experience in the field of intestinal health. Experience leading teams in collaborations with public and private entities in Europe, USA and South America. Executive Director of MOWOOT.
Immaculada Herrero Fresneda

Immaculada Herrero Fresneda

CSO and co-founder.

Doctor in Biological Sciences by the Department of Medicine.
Twenty years of professional experience in biomedical research in hospital and university environment, leading projects and teams as Researcher of the National Health System / Catalan Health Institute. Responsible for studies and clinical evaluation of MOWOOT.
Marc Benet Pozo

Marc Benet Pozo


Master in Engineering of the Design specialized in Industrial Prototyping.
Expert in medical device quality systems, product design and development, production technologies and the Design Thinking methodology. Responsible for the MOWOOT quality system.
Angel Calzada Defez

Angel Calzada Defez

CTO and co-founder.

Doctor in Information and Communication Technologies and its management.
More than 7 years of experience in international research in signal processing with stays in technology centers in Germany and Scotland. Responsible for supply chain management and the production process of MOWOOT.
The effectiveness of MOWOOT to resolve constipation has been proven by clinical studies.
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